A Contest! Find Your Inner Squid!

Hey Squids! (That is what I will be referring to my readers from now on. I can call people a slimy animal without actually insulting them!) I decided that since the name of this blog is “Here’s Lookin’ at you Squid”, there needs to be a squid somewhere on it. To that end, I am announcing a fun competition. If you’d like to take part, find any image of a squid and post the link on a comment responding to this post. (You do that by clicking the little word bubble in the corner just to alleviate confusion.) On Sunday, April 22, I will choose one of the images to be this blog’s official logo. The image can be whatever you want: a cartoon, a photo. You can even take a photo of a squid or draw one yourself. The only rule: the subject has to be a squid. Don’t try to get octipi or jelly fish past me. I hate it when people do that. Oh, and one person can only post one image. Whoever provides the link of the image I choose will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Have fun!

Your loyal squid leader, Allison Lowe


4 thoughts on “A Contest! Find Your Inner Squid!


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