A Chance to See Casablanca on the Big Screen

Today, I went to see Titanic (no judging, I know it’s cliché but it was nominated for so many awards for a reason, and yes, I did cry like a baby) and there was a preview that TCM is going to be showing the amazing classic silver screen film Casablanca in Cinemark movie theaters on the night of April 26. Yes, we’re talking the very movie containing the famous line this blog was named after. If you’ve never seen Casablanca, this is a perfect opportunity. It is one of the best movies ever made. Some of you might think, “Oh, it’s black and white, it’ll be so boring,” but the story of Casablanca is so good, and the acting so wonderful that you will forget it’s black and white after five minutes. I will make you a deal. Go see it (but no stealing my seat) and if you somehow don’t enjoy it, you can submit me to a full diatribe on this blog later.

Cinemark should pay me for this advertisement. Oh well, I love Casablanca so much that it’s worth it.



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