The Raven: a Rant About John Cusack


This is not a movie critique, but I found out a piece of information that confuses me to no end. I just saw the trailer for The Raven, a dark action thriller about Edgar Allen Poe and a sadistic mad man who is committing heinous crimes in the fashion of Poe’s writing. Apparently, director John McTeigue was sitting in a board room one day, deciding on his actors, and thought, “Okay, for my action hero, the literary legend, Edgar Allen Poe, I want a one-note actor who has never done action or a movie on this scale and is only really known for trite chick-flicks. I know! John Cusack!”

To be fair, there are other actors out there that I hate more than John Cusack. Keanu Reeves for example. And John Cusack did a wonderful job in Being John Malcovich. But that movie was over 10 years ago, and all his roles since have been, how do I put this nicely, ummmm, bad. You forget him instantly. And as a lover of Edgar Allen Poe, I just don’t want anyone who thought acting in The Hot Tub Time Machine was a good idea play a person so close to my heart.

I do accept however that maybe Cusack is the right man for the job. Maybe, just maybe, he will be great, and I will have to hang my head in shame and then kill myself because clearly the world will be coming to an end.

Squids, what you think about Cusack being picked for this role?

Oh, and by the way, if you are also a fan of Poe, you might be interested in this T Shirt:



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