Traffic: You Couldn’t Pay Me to Watch This Movie Again


Traffic as in drugs, not cars. This Stephen Spielberg movie, released in 2000, has a few fragmented story-lines that through the course of the movie become connected and slowly converge. You have a United States politician (Michael Douglas) fighting hard against drugs while at the same time discovering his own daughter (Erika Christensen) is an addict. A Mexican cop (Benicio Del Torro) finds himself caught between corrupt systems in his country. And a wife (Catherine Zeta Jones) sees her husband arrested and has to take control of his illegal business to protect her family.

I thought I was really going to enjoy this movie. Very critically acclaimed. A father can’t prevent his sixteen year old daughter from becoming a crack whore. That storyline sounds heart breaking if not somewhat interesting. And yet, I couldn’t give a damn. I was so bored by this movie I couldn’t even finish it. I tried so hard, but after forming a list of all the things I would rather be doing than watching this movie (acupuncture, lobotomy, my finals, water boarding) and texting my friends, and then shopping online for graduation memorabilia, I finally said fuck it and gave up. So I will never know how this movie ended, and frankly I don’t care.

I give Spielberg props for undergoing an ambitious project. If it had worked, it would have been beautiful. I personally don’t think it did. I know others will disagree with me, considering the movie won academy awards, but this is my blog, so we’re just going to ignore that. I think the main problem of this movie was the fragmented story line. Too many characters with no real main character. And just as I said in a previous post, that makes it hard to connect with characters, so you don’t care about them, and then you get bored. Which is exactly what happened to me. Instead of listening to Benicio Del Torro’s character, I kept thinking you look like Shah Rukh Khan. If you started randomly singing about true love in Hindi right now, this movie would be so much more interesting. Sadly that did not happen. Actually, it could have happened at the ending. since I did not watch it I will never know.

Shah Rukh Khan

So for boring me to tears and making me turn it off, I give Traffic the lowest score on the history of this blog: a 2 out of 10. Had to happen sometime.







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