The Avengers: Go See It!


I’m writing on three hours of sleep, so this post could totally suck. You have been warned.

So I had an interesting night. Every now and then, the Campus Activities Board at Austin College pays for an entire room at a movie theater at a midnight release when a really popular movie comes out so the students who are willing to neglect their studies and come out early enough get a movie for free while being cramped by annoying freshman. Last night, CAB paid for tickets for The Avengers release. My roommate Neelam and I figured it was our last opportunity to take advantage of it before we graduate, so we went. Long story. For various reasons we had to sit through the Lucky One. Can you say awkward? I come out of The High School Musical generation (not proud of that). I should not have to see a MILF reaching into Zac Efron’s pants. Since this is a movie review blog, I will give this movie a score. How about, in honor of the title, I give it a 1?

However, I am writing to talk about The Avengers, which somehow was worth watching Zac Efron thrusting. I don’t love superhero movies. I’ll see them, but they’re not at the top of my list. So when I saw the trailer, I wasn’t excited. Yawn, okay, now they’re a team. Yada yada yada. Boy, was I wrong.  I am so glad I saw this movie, because it was awesome. Well written. Great cast. Action that doesn’t melt your mind. And Joss Whedon’s signature hilarious beats throughout. I liked Marc Ruffalo much better than Eric Bana as The Hulk. And when did Scarlet Johansson get to be such a bad ass? I’ve always enjoyed her acting skills, but I didn’t know she packed such a punch. More importantly, this movie is not just escapist. It brings up issues and themes very relevant to modern society. The obvious one that is in pretty much every hero movie is the question, what makes a hero? This comes up many times in the movie, especially when Captain America challenges Iron Man, saying he’s not a hero. Just a narcissist playing with toys. And quite obviously, considering the nature of the idea of The Avengers, many conflicts about the idea of teamwork are brought up. And also the ethics of creating weapons of mass destruction even if it is for defense.

My regular readers know I love complaining about bad movies, but I’m even more delighted to find good ones, especially if my expectations are completely debunked. However, the Avengers is not without its flaws. The main one that comes to mind regards the Hulk. Halfway through the movie, Bruce Banner loses control (as is inevitable with The Hulk, especially if you put him in giant hovercraft) and turns into the green mean fighting machine. In this scene, Whedon portrays the Hulk as a wild beast out of control. He does not know ally from enemy. He cannot think, cannot be controlled. Then, move to the climax of the movie when the Avengers are all fighting the bad guys together. Banner unleashes the Hulk to fight. However, suddenly, the Hulk seems to have a brain. Yes, he’s fighting savagely, but also he can discriminate between friend and foe. He listens to Captain America’s orders. What happened? This represents a huge disconnect with The Hulk’s character.

Also, towards the beginning of the film, after Loki attacks Shield, there is a scene in which he’s talking to a cloaked man. It becomes pretty clear that this ring wraith combined with Hannibal Lector is really in control and a much bigger bad ass than Loki. But we never see him later in the film. It seems like Whedon was trying to allow for a sequel set up, but if that’s true, there should be a scene after the climactic fight with Loki where the audience sees the other bad dude and is reminded, “Hey, the Avengers defeated Loki, but now they need to fight this guy,” if this movie brings in enough money, which I’m sure it will.

For a great ride and a lot of fun, I give this movie a 7.

Crap, now I have to watch all the prequels.


10 thoughts on “The Avengers: Go See It!

  1. You lost me at this one “I should not have to see a MILF reaching into Zac Efron’s pants.” What HSM was that?

    I just saw this and it was really great, notwithstanding the putrid plot, which seem to steel a flow from “Captain America: The First Avenger”. Regarding the hulk, I thought it was something to do with the staff. Loki’s staff seems to draw people. But I still admit that was a flaw.

    But who cares about the minute details when you have to enjoy the bigger ones? :]

    • Good point, but in this case I don't see it as a minute detail. i see it as a big gaping plot hole. What I look for in movies are stories (and I have not seen Cap. America yet but when I do I'll be looking for your complaint). So when the story does not make sense, I think it's a big deal. My personal belief is that the story is the cake and the action and the explosions and the CG is all icing. If the cake is messed up, the movie all comes crashing down. But despite that I still loved The Avengers, and I'm glad you liked it too.

      • I know this isn’t much explanation, but Hulk transforms into “The Hulk” when he is angry, or his body is pulsing or something like that. In the hover craft, Hulk transforms into “The Hulk” since the anger was not anticipated, all those attacks and the argument of the “Avengers” and how they were manipulated. So he became angry.

        On the last part, he said to the Avengers: “That is my secret: I’m always angry every time”, or something like that. This time it was anticipated. That’s why he can control it. In the old adage: You can’t prevent anger but you can always hold back your temper. That’s what Hulk is doing. He controlled it. Another thing is before transformed before “The Hulk”, he was completely aware what he was going to.

        One more thing, Hulk was out for several years, remember. He served as a scientist or was it a doctor?. That may also be the reason why he forgot to control his temper on the hover craft scene since that being “The Hulk” was a long time ago. On the last part, he may have realized again how to control it, at least that was the previous “Hulk” films have taught him.

        Regardless, if I haven’t proven my premise right, you can’t also proven it wrong. This makes it a minute detail. :]

        I hope you don’t get grouchy about me. XD

        Hope you get my point :]

      • No, if I’m grouchy it’s only because I have a final tomorrow :). I understand your explanation. I guess my problem is that I just don’t know my comic book heroes very well. I was the one in the theater thinking “So where is Super Man?” I have since been corrected on that. So thank you very much for clarifying my Hulk discrepancy.

    • Oh, and to explain my MILF comment, that was not in High School Musical, but now that I’m thinking about it I really wish it was. Anyway, I was talking about a scene in the God awful movie The Lucky One which I unfortunately had to sit through when I was waiting for the Avengers.

      • I thought that was all the commentary it needed. I did give it a score, after all. And yes, I love complaining about horrible movies. But this one was just so terrible that I didn’t want to give it anymore attention than it deserved or I might have lost my will to live. (I also have quite a dramatic flair if you failed to notice).

  2. I did noticed your “dramatic flair” as I learned that you’re an English Major. Anyway, good luck to your Exam, mine still not coming up until the next 3 or 4 months.

    To wit! :]


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