Frost/ Nixon: Finally, a Perfect Film


So I just watched the movie Frost/ Nixon. I didn’t really know what to expect from this movie released in 2008, directed by Ron Howard, about the interviews of Richard Nixon in the 70’s. I was prepared for a dry commentary of American history. I was prepared for political propaganda that aimed at making Nixon seem like a villain. What I was not prepared for was watching one of the most incredible movies I have ever seen.

The movie focuses on David Frost (Michael Sheen), a British television host who decides to interview Nixon after he resigns from office. After a few years, he finally gets the opportunity. Away from home, hemorrhaging money to finance his project, and dealing with some zealous researchers, Frost does the interviews under extreme pressure at the risk of ruining his career.

For the first time on my blog, I honestly saw nothing wrong with this movie. It was perfect in every single way. I would not change a thing. I’m sure some of my regular readers will be shocked, but it’s true. I don’t know how Ron Howard achieved this, but he made a political, historical story into something so powerful, something that appeal to the heart. All the actors were great, even Kevin Bacon, and I’m not a big Bacon fan. Except for the food. However, I think the most credit for this movie’s success goes to Frank Langella who played the role of Richard Nixon. What’s so remarkable is that the first half of the movie does set you up to hate Nixon as a crooked, corrupt politician. And then on the last day of Frost’s interviews, when Frost is asking him if he feels he made mistakes, Langella gets this horribly defeated look on his face, and instead of hating him, I found myself pitying him. I just wanted to give him a hug. And then by the very end of the movie, Frost and the audience has fallen in love with Nixon. Such a dramatic shift of emotions is very powerful acting and very powerful filmmaking. It’s experiences like these that make me love films.


So, even if you might think, “There’s no explosions in this movies, how ca it be good?” this is a phenomenal movie. As I say over and over, a movie does not need special effects or CG to be good. Only a good story, and good acting. That is exactly what this movie has, and is why it’s so great. For an incredible movie watching experience I won’t soon forget, I give this movie the first perfect 10 in the history of this blog. I feel like trumpets should be sounding or something. Oh well, I’ll settle for this: “I am not a  crook.”



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