A Mushy Moment: I’M GRADUATING!!!!!!!!!

Dear Squids,

This post has nothing to do with movies, but it is my blog, so deal with it. I am writing because I am graduating from college in two days. I was going to write this post on the actual day, but I realized I will not have time, and tomorrow I will be celebrating and saying good bye to my friends, so today it is! I felt the need to write about this because I am suddenly getting very sentimental and so I will take all of my cheesy thoughts out on all of you. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I feel I have grown up at Austin College, that I have become the woman I always wanted to be. Here, I met some of the most interesting people. Here, I made some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Here, I got the chance to go to France. Here, I spent a year writing a 60 page paper on Margaret Atwood and lived to tell the tale. If that is not an accomplishment I don’t know what is. Here, I learned how to love myself.

After receiving my bachelors in English and history (with honors I brag oh so humbly) while traipsing in the mud of the Austin College campus and almost fainting from the sweltering Texas heat at commencement, I will start working on a PhD in English literature at the University of North Texas.

I really want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to all the remarkable professors who taught me so much. I will never forget the day Peter Anderson read the lyrics to Thriller at the Halloween Open Mic Night in his lovely South African accent. I will never forget the day Vicki Cummins spent all of her lecture time informing us all about what areas of the world create certain types of alcoholic beverages by using certain crops

Thank you to my family who have so dearly supported me, especially in this last most stressful year when I was juggling so much and at times felt I would never get through it.

Most of all, thank you to the many friends I have made and grown to love as sisters and brothers. You are all beautiful in the most interesting ways. As I go on in life I will carry all of you with me. I feel so grateful for getting to know you all.


And now I’m crying. I’m so sad to leave this place, I really am. But I also have faith that I will be moving on to something even more incredible.


Okay, sorry for the gushy moment. I’m good now.


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