The Lincoln Lawyer: McConaughey Goes from Bongos to Bad Guys


Let me just say this: I hate type casted actors. And Mathew McConaughey is almost as type casted as Bruce Willis. Pretty much every movie he’s in, he is the sexy, confident, but still sometimes humorous man’s man. I have never seen him outside of this cookie cutter character. However, in the Lincoln Lawyer, while he still isn’t breaking free from it, I can feel him stretching the boundaries. Maybe his next film he will have actually show some range and that he can act! I don’t know. I should really write a post about type casted actors.

Anyway, I digress. The Lincoln Lawyer was released in 2011. This courtroom thriller was directed by Brad Furman. Mickey Holler (Matthew McConaughey) is a criminal defense attorney who gets a high profile client, Luis Roulet (Ryan Phillips) who is accused of attacking and raping a prostitute. Roulet swears he was actually the targeted victim. What starts out as a “he said/ she said”  case we all know from watching too much Law and Order becomes a tense blurring of guilt and innocence as Holler realizes what a monster he is defending.

The movie was pretty entertaining. But my regular readers are well aware that I don’t just look for entertaining movies. I want movies to change my understanding of the world around me. Honestly, I feel like if they don’t do that, then what is the point? So, other than the fact that I’m not a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, I have no real specific complaints about this movie. I just think it could have been better. I give it a 5 out of 10 for not being bad, but not being that good either. Meh.

To my great surprise, apparently, Lionsgate is considering making a sequel to this film. Block busters like Avatar, the Avengers, even Transformers, I get the motivation for those sequels (while I threaten suicide during their creation), but this movie? I mean, really? Can’t Hollywood just ever leave a movie to stand alone? No. No they can’t.



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