The Top Ten Most Type Casted Actors

Actors that really annoy me to no end are those who play the same character over and over and show no range. I honestly have no idea how some of these people became such successful actors if they can only perform one character. But, then again, what do I know? I am just a young girl wasting her time writing a blog. This list includes in my opinion ten of the most type casted actors in Hollywood. Please let me know if you think I missed some.

10. Chris Rock: the quirky comedic relief who enjoys always playing a racial stereotype


9. Cameron Diaz: the neurotic sex appeal


8. Jackie Chan: The warrior fighting for honor who also can’t speak English


7. Chuck Norris: the southern gentlemen who apparently can draw a square using only 3 lines.


6. Ashton Kutcher: The sexy idiot


5. Adam Sandler: The ugly idiot


4. Matthew McConaughey: The stud you never take seriously


3. Keanu Reeves: the quiet old soul no one can understand who stares off into the distance as if modeling for GQ


2. Samuel L Jackson: The mofo you never mess with. Ever.


1. Bruce Willis: The emotionally distant bad ass who shoots people to relieve stress



2 thoughts on “The Top Ten Most Type Casted Actors

  1. Great post,very original,as I went down the list its amazing how type cast some of these stars are,Diaz is one I never feel gave much thought to,but you are right,she hasn’t had a new role in years


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