Midnight in Paris: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!


I didn’t see this movie when it came out because I am not a fan of Owen Wilson. He’s not that great of an actor, and I can’t look at his nose. I am fully aware what a shallow bitch that makes me, but anyway, I digress. I eventually heard a lot of good things, And I actually went to Paris in January, so I finally decided to take a chance. And I’m so glad I did.


Midnight in Paris came out in 2011, and was directed by Woody Allen. Gil (Owen Wilson) is a writer in ParIs with his pleasant (not) fiancé (Rachael McAdams). One night, Gil somehow stumbles into the 1920’s and meets Zelda and Scott F. Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.


This was pretty much my instant reaction to this movie: OH MY FREAKIN GOD THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I must acknowledge that this has mostly to do with personal connections I had. First, I recently went toParis. During the film, when I’d recognize a part in the city I had been, I’d say “Oh, I’ve been there!” But most of all, I loved this movie because of its portrayal of so many authors and painters that I have loved for years. As an English major, I have read Fitzgerald and Hemingway (although I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of him). Gertrude Stein is one of my favorite writers, and I can’t think of a better woman to play her than Kathy Bates. But I also have a deep love of art. And seeing Picasso, Degas, Lutrec, Guagan and more… it was incredible.


But to be more objective, I think it was still a pretty good movie. I would say though that I personally don’t believe that anyone would date Rachel McAdam’s character, because she’s a total bitch. The again, she is Rachel McAdams. So I guess I can understand it.



On the whole, this movie was creative, witty, fun, and also effectively showed the doubts and insecurities of Gil, and then his transformation to a confident man. I loved every minute of it and was sad when it was over. I give Midnight in Paris a perfect 10. I would recommend it to everyone.




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