Family Guy and Snuggles the Bear Makes a Movie Signaling the End of the World


Has anyone else gone to the movies this summer? Were you pleasantly sitting in your seat, waiting patiently for the movie to start, and then desired to shoot yourself when the preview for Ted came on? If you have been lucky enough not to be subjected to it, this comedy coming to theaters on June 29 is directed by and starring Seth Macfarlane (the creator of Family Guy) and starring Mark Wahlburg, and Mila Kunis. The catch? While Wahlberg and Kunis play live action characters, MacFarlane does the voice for a drunk, foul mouthed teddy-bear. Wow. That really is as stupid as it sounds.


As a big Family Guy fan, no one was more disappointed than I watching the trailer for Ted. Where do I start? I don’t even know what dismays me more, the fact that this trailer does not seem funny at all, that this idea for a story seems so stupid that I think it could actually lower my IQ, or the fact that Seth Macfarlane was willing to align himself with Mark Wahlberg who couldn’t act his way of a paper bag. I think this might be a situation in which the idea sounds better in your head than in practice, because I’ll admit the circumstances of the film are very ironic. Oh, it’s a teddy-bear! He must be so sweat and lovable and can make my laundry softer! But no, he’s a misanthropic, lecherous douche. No one would see it coming! In the head, that idea seems like it could work. As soon as it goes on paper, and especially on the screen, it completely falls apart. Add Mark Wahlberg and it’s a recipe for disaster.

I honestly have no idea how this occurred. there are some elements of Family Guy that are comedic genius. And yet, this movie just doesn’t seem funny at all. How did Seth Macfarlane go from hysterical TV comedy to a cussing Snuggles? Squids, please let me know how you feel about Macfarlane’s latest career move. Defend it if you dare.


4 thoughts on “Family Guy and Snuggles the Bear Makes a Movie Signaling the End of the World

  1. I was excited when I first heard that Seth was going to make a movie, thinking it was going to be a Family Guy movie or he was actually going to step in front of the camera and we could see his face. But this just looks weird…

  2. Whoever wrote that review is an idiot! Ted was the funniest movie I saw all yr. And to have a sexxxy mark wahlberg was a plus! It was so orininal and out of the box I had to see it twice! No other director is producing such hits in thev box office so 2 thumbs up for seth. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! Some people just don’t appreciate great comedy. That review was 2 thumbs down and up that guys ass!

    • If you enjoyed Tedd, that’s great. I just enjoy different kinds of comedy, more high comedy that actually engages your brain rather than turning it off, but I respect your opinion, which you seem incapable of. My opinion is that Mark Wahlberg is one of the worst actors in Hollywood and even if he were hot that would not change that fact. By the way, I’m a woman.


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