One Man Disney Movie

My regular readers know that every now and then I like to put up very random, humorous things about movies. In a previous post, after finding pictures of Star Wars characters doing yoga poses, I came up with yoga poses inspired by Star Wars. Here’s a link to that post:

In a more recent post I read about all the Avengers not featured in the Avengers movie and made fun of the most random names. One was named The Whizzer. Marvel was asking for it. Here is a link to that one:

So for my third random post, I am featuring a you tube video created by Nick Pitera. Pitera is a Pixar employee who has filmed himself lip-syncing to Disney movies and putting them online for years. Do whatever you need to to make you feel special.  However, this particular video is not merely that. Pitera created his own medley of Disney songs and filmed himself lip-synching 6 parts: the heroine, the side kick, the hero, the villain, and two chorus members. It’s very entertaining while actually very well done so check it out. And all I have to judge about Mr. Pitera is that he seems to have way too much time on his hands. Then again, I have a blog, so…



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