Dear Squids,

I have really enjoyed working on this blog, grand standing, forcing my opinions on people, and placing myself on soap boxes. However, very soon a new chapter of my life is opening up. In a week and a half, I will be going to Korea to teach English on a Fulbright grant. I don’t foresee having much time to work on this blog, or even see movies for that matter. Thus, for the next year my number of posts is going to go way down. Sorry to disappoint all 12 of my faithful readers. Although there is a chance I find random pockets of time, so maybe I’ll post every now and then. You never know. However, during my teaching experiences and my traveling throughout Asia, I will be writing another blog: So if my movie blog gives you your reason for living, or you just want to check out what I’m doing, you can read that blog instead. When I come back to America a year from now, I fully intend to first eat a bunch of American junk food, and then resume my squid leader duties.

Miss you!




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