Nicholas Cage…as Superman?

Quite of a few superhero movies are going to be coming out in theaters soon. The Avengers and then the newest rendition of Spiderman. I’m kind of excited about that, because I want to write a post on it comparing it to Toby McGuire’s version like everyone else with a movie blog is going to do. But anyway, the topic of superhero movies has been on my mind. Then a few days ago, I was screwing around on the internet, which I started doing a lot more of now that I have a blog (whodathunk). I found an article that revealed that in the 1990’s, Warner Brothers was working on a Superman movie that ultimately failed, but eventually became Superman Returns. The original idea had the working title of Superman Lives. The director was going to be Tim Burton, and the actor was going to be action legend, the intimidating Nicholas Cage.


I just don’t understand that line of thought at all. It doesn’t anger me, probably because I was never addicted to comic books (Shakespeare, yes, comic books, no). The thought just makes me laugh my ass off, especially when you see the lovely photo I have provided. Nicholas Cage should never have long hair. Ever. Ever. I don’t care if he’s going to an 80’s hair band party. No. And that suit. Where do I start on that suit? If I had not seen the title of the article I was reading that revealed that Cage was working on a Superman project, I would have looked at the photo and thought, wow, Cage is a transvestite. Rock on!

For better or worse (better I think) the Superman Lives project never came to fruition, but Cage eventually did reach his dream of becoming a Superhero. Anyone remember Ghost Rider? I actually have not seen it, so I cannot rant about it here. But just consider the idea of this story. Nicholas Cage as a flaming biker. Sometimes I love Hollywood. I really really do.

There was a video on the website of the article I was looking at in which the screenwriter of the project, Kevin Smith talks about what he went through. It’s quite entertaining. I put the video below.

And here’s the URL to the original article I looked at if you want to learn more: