Should I Watch The Shining?

Dear Squids,

I need your help!

All of my regular readers know that I love very good quality movies, quality in terms of story, character, and acting. All of my friends know that I am most likely the easiest scared girl alive. And I hate being scared. It is not a feeling I enjoy. Because of that I do not go to haunted houses, I avoid isles in Halloween stores where random things pop out at you, I don’t read horror novels, and I do not watch scary movies. When I say scary movies, it probably encompasses more than what most people think of as scary movies. Just to give you all an idea, I couldn’t sleep a week after seeing Shawn of the Dead. Yes. I know it is a parody. No, that doesn’t help.


However, I am very aware that there are some really great horror movies out there. A few years ago, I heard how amazing Pan’s Labyrinth was and decided to man up and force myself to watch it. I still freak out at the thought of The Pale dude, but it was worth it. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies. For the past few months, I have started thinking that maybe I should do the same for The Shining. It’s just one of those iconic movies everyone knows about, hears about. So, I am going to throw out these questions to all my faithful Squids out there:

  1. Based on my high standards of movies (if you’re not clear on that, read the page About the Squid) do you think I would enjoy the Shining?
  2. Based on what I told you about getting scared so easily and hating it, do you think I can get through the Shining without needing therapy?
  3. And the more general question, should I watch the Shining?

Based on all your comments, if I do decide to watch The Shining I guarantee you it will be in the daytime with the lights on while I’m under a blanket and squeezing a teddy bear. Oh, and just so all of you are clear, I’m not 8. I’m 21.