The Top Ten Movies of All Time According to Allison Lowe

Keep in mind that I could only chose movies that I’ve actually seen, and considering that I’m only 21, there are a hell of a lot of movies out there that I have not seen. There is just not enough hours in the day. But that is why I am saying that this list is subject to change as I am seeing new movies to write my blog. Feel free to recomend movies that I should see, but keep in mind that there is a chance I have already seen it and just think it sucks. Also, you can challenge my selections if you wish so I have an excuse to get in a profane argument.

By the way, if my thirteen year old sister is reading this, you are not allowed to watch American Beauty, Memento, or Fight Club until you’re 30. But when you do turn 30 I’d like to watch them with you.

One being the best…

10. Changeling

9. Fight Club

8. Memento

7. Million Dollar Baby

6. Citizen Kane

5. Pan’s Labyrinth

4. Gladiator

3. American Beauty


1. The Shawshank Redemption


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