Allison’s Ten Favorite Movies of All Time

I wanted to do a list separate from The Top Ten Movies of All Time because a movie that you recognize as high in quality is not necessarily a movie you want to watch over and over again. Black Swan is a good example of this. Phenomenal movie. After I first saw it, I knew I’d have to wait at least six months before I could watch it again. So, some of these movies are not exactly the highest in quality, but I have a deep emotional connection with all of them for various reasons.

One being the best…

10. Big Fish

9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

8. Shakespeare in Love

7. The King’s Speech

6.. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

4. Anonymous

3. Running with Scissors

2. Almost Famous

1. American Beauty


2 thoughts on “Allison’s Ten Favorite Movies of All Time

  1. Still need to see 2-4, 8, and 9. I didn’t know American Beauty was your favorite! Amazing movie. I have to say I thought Eternal Sunshine was better, but I respect your choices 🙂


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