Should I Watch The Shining?

Dear Squids,

I need your help!

All of my regular readers know that I love very good quality movies, quality in terms of story, character, and acting. All of my friends know that I am most likely the easiest scared girl alive. And I hate being scared. It is not a feeling I enjoy. Because of that I do not go to haunted houses, I avoid isles in Halloween stores where random things pop out at you, I don’t read horror novels, and I do not watch scary movies. When I say scary movies, it probably encompasses more than what most people think of as scary movies. Just to give you all an idea, I couldn’t sleep a week after seeing Shawn of the Dead. Yes. I know it is a parody. No, that doesn’t help.


However, I am very aware that there are some really great horror movies out there. A few years ago, I heard how amazing Pan’s Labyrinth was and decided to man up and force myself to watch it. I still freak out at the thought of The Pale dude, but it was worth it. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies. For the past few months, I have started thinking that maybe I should do the same for The Shining. It’s just one of those iconic movies everyone knows about, hears about. So, I am going to throw out these questions to all my faithful Squids out there:

  1. Based on my high standards of movies (if you’re not clear on that, read the page About the Squid) do you think I would enjoy the Shining?
  2. Based on what I told you about getting scared so easily and hating it, do you think I can get through the Shining without needing therapy?
  3. And the more general question, should I watch the Shining?

Based on all your comments, if I do decide to watch The Shining I guarantee you it will be in the daytime with the lights on while I’m under a blanket and squeezing a teddy bear. Oh, and just so all of you are clear, I’m not 8. I’m 21.

9 thoughts on “Should I Watch The Shining?

  1. I love The Shining. Jeremy refuses to see it since he hates this kind of movie too…It’s scary, but obviously from it’s time of filming, if that means anything. You will be transported to the year 1970 or 80 something? Watch it in the dark with a friend or pet!!! (or lots of them, like your mom’s house)

      • Yet he loves violent video games, doesn’t mind graphic medical dramas, isn’t afraid of rodents, speed or heights…It is surprising about the scary movies, but very true!!!…As my sister Mary describes Jeremy “He is an onion, you keep peeling the layers and learn something new” (all good things, of course!)


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